Dylan Ballandras

aka Kayneth

PHP developer - Symfony and ReactJS

As a web developer, I can work on these domains:

I assist your teams in the realization and improvement of your projects.

  • Development of applications using Symfony

    Having 7 years of experience with this framework, I can strengthen a product team.

  • Supporting teams in the setting up of a continuous integration process

    To maintain a web project, it is preferable to set up a validation process.

  • Implementation of quality processes in PHP

    Explanation and implementation of code quality tools such as PHPStan, Psalm, etc.

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I'm a young developer living in Toulouse, South of France. I'm working as a backend web developer and also like to develop in my spare time. I feel pretty lucky to have gain the passion of this activity! Despite the fact I describe myself as a backend developer, I like to learn frontend technologies for the web and mobile.

In general, I'm a typed language enthusiast. It is why I'm really enjoying the future of PHP!

The type of projects I really like to work on are API-based clients (web and/or mobile) for large audiences. I didn't already found the business area in which I would prefer to work.

However, there is not only development in my life. I also like binge-watching series and anime. Since my first trip to Japan, I'm mostly in love with Osaka where I would like to go again! And I'm new to hiking too! There are many beautiful sights to explore in France.

Hope you've got a good idea of who I am. 😊

From now on, I'm available as a freelance developer. You can contact me from Malt.




I've been an intern for Mybus for one year. Doing Symfony and AngularJS development for the mobile app.


When coming to Toulouse, I joined Tataragne Interactive to be a Backend developer on Ecommerce projects. I have worked on several Magento 1.9 projects and one Woocomerce website doing some Fullstack features and maintenance.

We were contracted to assist Foxnot in integrating the "estate management" functionality into their application for the relationship between notaries and private individuals.

One of the most rewarding experiences was redesigning Loveandvibes.fr from Magento 1.7 to Sylius. We've been officialy trained by them to use their framework. There were a lot of features to reimplement such as an ERP with ReactJS and API-Platform. We've covered every features thanks to Behat tests.


I've joined ConsortNT for a year to help Sportnco building new functionalities into their B2B clients API. I used my experience in software quality and testing to introduce them in their different projects to anhance our confidence in what we were building.

October 2020

From October 2020, I am now a freelance developer to assist new teams more conveniently in the realization of their web projects. I'm available in Toulouse or in remote for missions for which I could assist you with my main tools PHP, Symfony, ReactJS.

I will propose you a solution of collaboration to the level of your quality standards. To ensure an irreproachable quality in my developments, I apply a rigorous methodology using QA automation tools specific to PHP projects. By joining your teams, I will be able to accelerate your developments by reducing the technical debt in a dynamic of continuous improvement. ✅

I was able to create my expertise by evolving on different business sectors: E-commerce, online sports betting, human resources software and e-mobility/smart city.

For the realization of my missions, I can work with you with a set of tools such as :

  • PHP, Javascript
  • Symfony/Sylius/Api-Platform
  • ReactJS/NextJS
  • Unit tests with PHPUnit, and use of Behat for the technical part, E2E tests with Cypress
  • PHPStan, Psalm, EasyCodingStandard
  • CI/CD, Git, Gitlab CI, Docker, Kubernetes

These allow us to create a synergy between development methodologies and code writing.

Don't hesitate to contact me to explain your project !

Since December 2020

My first freelance contract with Eleo was to support them in the development of their training management product for companies. During this mission I helped the team in the development of the Symfony API coupled with a ReactJS frontend. I also realized several data import solutions in Excel and CSV formats, either manually or via automated interconnections via SFTP or other tools. I also made the necessary scripts and modifications in the API to migrate to Kubernetes.

Since January 2022

I am now part of the Klaxoon team, working on the Klaxoon platform, a collaborative workshop platform for companies and individuals. I started as a contractor, then I was hired as a permanent employee. It brings me a new vision of working on feature teams. A larger context, larger teams.

I am therefore totally specialized on backend development in a team shared between front and back developers, QA and PO