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Here we go again.

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Dylan Ballandras
Dylan Ballandras

Hello, I'm coming back to writing in mid-2019. It took me 3 years since my second year in university to take back my website in order to write technical stuff. In fact, I tried to come back 1 year ago with a GatsbyJS x Wordpress self hosted website. But It was a stupid idea. I created a complex workflow and I lost the desire to write. So, what are my new objectives?

Write all the content in english

For now, I don't have the need to work in another country or in a big company. Then why would I want to do that? Simply to exercice, to write faster. I also want to share my knowlegde with a broader audience. I will be able to write more and more fluently docs, blog posts.

Stop being shy

I often stop myself to comment or write down my opinion. I can't help but think my opinion is less interesting than another one. It may come from a lot of things including the fact I'm following a bunch of exceptional people on Twitter doing a lot more than me.

Learn to teach

One of the thing I put aside was teaching. I really want to learn important skills to be a teacher.

  • Being patient
  • Being empathetic
  • Communication (as with this blog)

The most important thing is to stop doing projects with new fancy tools for the sake of it. I really need to capitalize on tools like Symfony, API-Platform, React and React Native. I don't say I will stop learning but start being efficient.

I really hope that my content will be interesting for you. 🙏