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List of version managers for various programming languages

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Dylan Ballandras
Dylan Ballandras

Do you often want to use a local installation of a language or tool without a Docker setup as I do? But do you encounter to need to switch between versions because you have a lot of projects and then you might think of Docker to solve your issue?

I'm really glad we have the same needs as developpers and that I can help you find tooling to ease your daily routine and project context switching.

Node Version managers

PHP Version managers

Go version managers

Ruby version managers

One Version Manager to rule them all, One VM to find them, One VM to bring them all, and in the Shell bind them.

There's also the all-in-one version manager known as ASDF. I've used it with WSL and it was a really nice!

Versions managers are great to help in simple projects but Docker might better fit your needs if you have services like databases, reverse proxy or anything beyond a compiler.

In the end, it will mainly be a useful note to me because lot of people might be familiar with those tools but I hope I can help newcomers with this blog post. Have fun coding!